Tefal Express Boil BR400815 Kettle, 2 Litre

Product Description

BR400815 3000W Express Boil Hot Water Dispenser with 2L Capacity & Automatic Switch-Off. [Learn more]

Product Features

  • 2L Capacity
  • 3000W Express Boil
  • Automatic Switch-Off
  • Concealed Element.

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  • Mrs. F. M. Ahmad, 2011-07-15:
    i thought this would be like the tefal quick cup, where the water came out in seconds...it takes at least 30seconds for the water to come out. also its big and bulky when u pick it up to fill it. furthermore when you put this kettle up against the wall its very difficult to see how much water is left in the kettle, therefore you dont know if its under the minimum line, unless u pull the kettle towards u and twist it around: easier said then done with a big bulky machine. Will be returning it and buying a breville one...at least it lights up so looks nicer. i know u have to wait with them as well but it doesnt look half as bulky and ugly
  • I bought the Breville Variable hot cup as a gift for my mother and decided to upgrade my older Breville hot cup to one that had a variable function. I bought the Tefal Express to see how it compared to the Breville.First they are both around the same price at approximately 50 and both hold the same amount of water, 2 litres. Looks wise the Tefal is a funkier design than the Breville and looks good in a modern kitchen.The Tefal has a slightly quicker boil than the Breville, 30 seconds compared to 40. They both have a manual stop button so you can stop the flow of water at any time if you decide that you want a smaller cup.I like the variable adjuster better on the Breville than the Tefal. The Breville 'clicks' at each setting point on the variable button, but the Tefal just slides round making it a bit more of a guess to decide what is the right level setting for the cup.The water container opens up the right way round on the Tefal, making it easier to pour in water than in the Breville which opens from the back of the machine. This may seem a small thing, but you have to pull the Breville round to refill it, rather than simply pouring water in once you open the lid as you can with the Tefal which is more user friendly. Someone has complained that the water fill level is hidden round the back of the machine on the Tefal. This is true if you sit it to the front on your kitchen counter, but regardless I have not found it to be a problem with refilling, you can look inside the water container on the machine to see the max fill level, so it is not a problem to see where to fill to.Both machines seem reasonably accurate when you change the variable level, but I would say that the Breville just pips the post for slightly better accuracy. The Breville water container lid has unfortunately broken on my mothers kettle, it will not shut properly, this seems to be a common complaint amongst reviews of the Breville machine.Overall I would say that I like the look of the Tefal more and so far it seems to have performed pretty accurately, although I would have preferred the same type of variable setting as on the Breville.If you have problems with dexterity I would recommend the Tefal over the Breville as it is easier to refill, the Breville also seems to have a few more problems reported so far like the water compartment lid breaking and the variable function not always working properly (note with my mothers machine she has not had any issues with the variable settings), but to be fair on the Breville, it seems to have sold a lot more than the Tefal and is bound to have more issues reported as an average.
  • gadget girl "wifi" (sussex), 2011-10-25:
    firstly the express is bulky ,it has to be with a 2 litre capacity, its look and size is much more like a traditional kettle and the "problem" of not being able to see the amount of water in it because the veiwing window is at the back of the unit is i assume because its made to sit sideways like an ordinary kettle if you do this its so easy to see. the unit has a very solid build and has no seal underneath like a rivals kettle that then proceeded to leak through and make the unit unusable. the other advantage of this unit over a kettle is that there is no steam escaping all over the plug socket from the spout. the design of the unit solves all the problems ive previously had with other makes its easy to fill with a nice wide opening and flip top lid the buttons on the unit are easy to use and alter the cup size ,start in the middle for an ideal mug size. the brushed stainless steel is so easy to clean and the drip tray is large and easy to remove with the side finger grips, the tray the mug sits on is also a very sturdy steel and when the unit sits side on it doesnt take up much room even though all instinct tells me to face it forward as the others do. it boils faster than others and at just the right temperature for tea without scalds. in short ive had three versions of these water dispensing kettles and for us this is by far the best with its large capacity and build quality, good work tefal! i wont be sending this one back
  • Ian Mitchell "IM35461" (East Sussex United Kingdom), 2011-11-17:
    I have used another brand one in the past, Tefal I think so I got this one up and running without reading the instructions.It is dead easy to use, fill it with water, set the knob to match your cup size and press the on button.A little later you will have a cup of boiling water.I often just make a cup of tea for myself so this is the easiest and I hope economic way of just boiling the correct amount of water.The unit to lift off the charging base is quite heavy so I fill it from a Brita water filter jug BRITA Elemaris Meter Cool Black Water Filter JugAny bad points you ask?Unless you have the unit swivelled a bit to the left or right of straight forward you cannot see how much water is left in the tank and unlike my old one the tank does not light up during operation.Remember to check the cup size control is in the correct position if you use more than one size of cup or you end up with an overflow or not enough water.
  • Margoria, 2011-11-18:
    With the price of electricity and gas continually rising this seemed to be something that would pay for itself in the long term - it avoids boiling far more water than is required to make one cup of tea or coffee. In some of the reviews I read before buying it the fact that it took more than 30 seconds was commented on - it may take a few seconds more but that is not a problem for me. I have one very small criticism - I don't mind topping it up during the day,but in the morning I like to drain it and fill it with fresh water. This involves inverting it several times to release all of the water,before refilling. Perhaps some day a drain of some sort could be fitted. Other than that I am delighted with it.

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